BPO 外包服务 猎聘服务

Business Process Outsourcing

猎聘服务 / Headhunting Recruiting Service




Our group aimed to supply plans with innovation and revolution to this business unit and promote the continuous development of operation by custom-made solutions of human resource.

According to many years’ development, ZCYT has built an international comprehensive network of senior talents and knowledge base of the industry to make sure that all the talents are matched with the demand of business development. Ultimately, it will build a great leading team for an excellent organization.

ZCYT group follows the principle of supplying service to the customers and being beneficial for the society. Our group supplys large numbers of top talents and leadership consulting services. With the international strategy, professional consulting team distributed in all districts and high-end resource network of business leaders, our group supplys international top talents’support and services to customers.



IT互联网行业/ 通讯行业/ 制造业/ 电子制造业/ 快速及耐用消费品/ 化工、石油、天然气及相关行业/ 房地产、酒店、建材和物业管理/ 汽车及相关行业/ 金融、保险和银行/ 医药、医疗设备与生物/ 市场调研、法律及其他咨询机构/ 媒体公关及广告行业/ 零售商业百货等。

1.Strong consulting team-We have more than 100 professional top headhunting consultants.
2.Abundant human resources-We have enough industrial knowledge base and senior talents in different areas.
3.Wide range of head-hunting network-In the global market, we have extensive network of corporates and managers which could supply industrial information and human resources.
4.Professional assessment and selection-We have scientific talents’assessment system and senior selection consultants to do sufficient, professional selection and assesment which could guarantee the match of supplier and demander.

Service Area:

Information Technologh Industry / Communication Industry / Manufacturing Industry / Electronics Maufacturing / Fast-moving and Durable Consumer Goods / Chemical Engineering, Natural Gas and Related Industry / Real Estate, Hotel, Construction Material and Property Management / Auto and Related Industry / Finance, Insurance and Bank / Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Facility and Biology / Marketing Research, Law and Other Consulting Institutions / Media Public Relations and Ad. In dustry / Retail Industry...